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Junior Golf Programs

AAG Golf facilities offer a tremendous opportunity for junior golfers of all ages and skill levels. Our popular programs are designed for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level junior golfer. 


Our Junior Golf Program Director, Dee Watkins, is a PGA Class “A” member with over 40 years of experience in Junior Golf Development. Watkins has been instrumental in developing some of the finest junior golfers in the state of South Carolina. With an emphasis on fundamentals and swing mechanics, Watkins and his team work with junior golfers in groups as well as in individual sessions.  


Our instructional programs include time on the driving range, chipping areas, putting greens, and the golf course. Our professionals use this time to fine-tune every golfer's game while covering topics such as course management, the rules of the game, and etiquette.  Also offered to our students is a world class video swing analysis program. The student’s swing can be broken down into a frame-by-frame analysis, allowing our instructors the ability to pin-point specific areas in need of improvement. 


At AAG, we are dedicated to the development of junior golfers. Our facilities host many junior golf tournaments and programs every year. We have been actively involved in the state-wide “Little Legends” program and have hosted the South Carolina Junior Golf Championship for the past three years. We can confidently state that we offer the greatest opportunity for your junior golfer to become a better player, meet life-long friends, and most importantly, be introduced to a game that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

TGM Golf Academy

No Band Aids, No Gimmicks…Just Better Golf!


TGM Golf Academy was started in 1999 by Mike Lawrence and Todd Ellison. The goal was to create a true learning experience for those who wanted a better understanding of what was needed in order to see improvement. In those years we have seen our client list grow to over 1500 customers. As a partner of A.A.G. Golf Group, we have an even greater opportunity to bring a quality learning experience to all who would like to enhance their enjoyment of the game. 


Our Philosophy The golf swing is an athletic movement controlled by an existing swing habit. To improve your game you must improve those habits. Knowing what to practice is important, but knowing how to practice is even more important. TGM and A.A.G. would like to invite you to become a member of our golf instruction family. Please call one of our pro shops so that we can start the journey toward better golf!


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